National and International NBO and NBAS Training

UnknownIn May, Dr.Nugent delivered the keynote address at the Finland Association for Infant Mental Health in Helsinki (See photo below, which includes Palvi Kaukonem, Minna Sorsa, Puura Kaija, Merja-Maaria Turunen, Puura Kaija, Reima Santla and Catarina Furmark, along with Dr. Nugent).


images-5Another highlight of the year so far was Dr. Nugent’s address in the House of Lords at Westminster, London, May 10th 2017, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the UK Brazelton Centre.  (Group photo below includes Founders Drs. Hawthorne and Hutchon and the Brazelton Centre UK team, with Eileen Hayes, Board of Trustees and Dr. Nugent).


UnknownIn March 2017, Lise Johnson and Kevin Nugent presented NBO and NBAS training at the Pudong Health Care Hospital for Women and Children in Shanghai.  Pediatricians, nurses and midwives – predominantly from Shanghai but from other parts of China as well – attended the training. This training was organized and presented by ROOT Medical and Research and Development. At an organizational level, simultaneous translation and pre-training translation of all the materials into Chinese were a distinguishing mark of this training and created an optimal learning setting for NBO and NBAS training.  The live NBO sessions with newborn infants and their families were a highlight of the program and demonstrated the strength-based family-centered nature of the NBO.

Unknown-1In September 2016, at the invitation of Professor Shohei Ohgi, Professor Campbell Paul and Kevin Nugent led two NBO training sessions in Japan, the first at the Red Cross Hospital in Tokyo and the second at the Red Cross Hospital at the University of Nagoya (photo below).   In addition, two new NBO trainers were certified, Dr. Eiko Saito and Dr. Mariko Iwayama.  Congratulations to both!  Professors Campbell and Nugent also gave Open Lectures at the University of Nagoya.


NBO training was also offered in Hong Kong.

NBO Training Hong-Kong, 2016

NBO Training Hong Kong

The training in Hong Kong was coordinated by Joyce Mok and K. H. Cheung and the Hong Kong Association for Infant Mental Health. 

Unknown-3Among the 1600 delegates who attended the 15th World Congress for the Association for Infant Mental Health Congress in the historic city of Prague – “the city of a hundred spires” – from May 29th to June 3rd., 2016, were over 70 NBO and NBAS Trainers and personnel, from 18 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. img_5195Two symposia, one poster workshop, a series of individual posters and oral presentations featured work with the NBO and NBAS, while Kevin Nugent delivered a Master Lecture.  Our colleague, Campbell Paul, served as Chair of the Scientific Committee and reiterated the consensus view that it was a most successful and inspiring meeting and that the NBONBASInternational papers made a notable contribution to the Congress.

Unknown-1Kevin Nugent was also the keynote Speaker at the 25th Nordic Infant Mental Health (NFSU) Jubilee Conference in Oslo, Norway on March 10th, 2016. Unni Tranaas Vannebo, NAIMH President and NBO Trainer introduced the conference. The title was: Beginning in the Perinatal Period – a unique opportunity for preventive intervention and support for parents. Participants came from all over Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland.  A meeting of Nordic Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) practitioners, organized by NBO Trainers Unni Tranaas Vannebo and Kari Slinning, also took place in Oslo in March, 2016. Kevin Nugent was the primary speaker at the meeting, while eighty-five NBO practitioners from all over Norway reported on their logs and described their work with the NBO.

NBO and NBAS Trainers at Harvard

NBO and NBAS Trainers at Harvard with Berry Brazelton

th-4The International NBAS & NBO Trainers Meeting took place at Harvard Medical School Nov. 2-4th, 2015.  The meeting was organized by Drs. Nugent, Hawthorne, Johnson and McManus and included NBO and NBAS trainers and prospective trainers from 21 countries across the world.  This was the 30th anniversary of the first Trainers meeting which took place at the Free University of Berlin in 1985 and was also organized by Dr. Nugent.  The Harvard meeting was undoubtedly memorable, and deemed a spectacular success by all who participated.  As one participant said, “It was an inspiring occasion”, while another reported that “it was a fabulous networking opportunity, an invaluable time was spent getting feedback and input on our clinical practice, research endeavours and training pathway…..”.

imageFrom left: Drs. Nugent, Rappaport, Kagan, Als, Shonkoff, Brazelton & Gomes-Pedro 

The meeting was launched by a series of brilliant lectures by some of the great minds in the field today.  Speakers included Harvard faculty members, Professor Heidelise Als, Jerome Kagan, Terrie Inders, Charles Nelson, Leonard Rappaport, Jack Shonkoff.  Berry Brazelton also participated in the panel discussion.  Professor Nugent opened the proceedings and this was followed by Professor Rappaport who gave the opening address.  Professor Als spoke on “NIDCAP and Neuroscience” and this was followed by Professor Kagan’s presentation on “The Tapestry of Temperament.” In her presentation, Professor Inder discussed her research on the brain, “Inside the Newborn Brain – Imaging Insights”.  “Driving Science-Based Innovation to Achieve Breakthrough Outcomes for Babies Facing Adversity” was the title of Professor Jack Shonkoff’s address.  Finally, Professor Nelson’s presentation was entitled, “The effects of early adversity on brain and behavioral development”.   These presentations were followed by a panel, “A vision for the future”, which included Heidelise Als, Berry Brazelton, Terrie Inder, Jerome Kagan, Jack Shonkoff, Lenny Rappaport.  In the afternoon of the first day, Dr. Lise Johnson facilitated the “Around the World in 5 Minutes” session, which featured the participants from all countries describing their work with the NBAS and NBO and their plans for the future.  The following two days consisted of break-out groups and mini workshops. The following are some of the comments from the participants:

  • “Thank you for a most stimulating and interesting 3 days in Boston. It was a fabulous networking opportunity, an invaluable time was spent getting feedback and input on our clinical practice, research endeavours and training pathway…”
  • “Thanks for everything you did to make the international trainers meeting a reality….”
  • “It was such a privilege to participate in this trainers meeting”
  • “Great to keep in touch after such a wonderful few days…”
  • “Thanks to all of you for the wonderful time spent together…it will be useful and amazing to keep in contact!”
  • “……an inspiring experience”
  • “I am back home and very happy to have participated in the Seminar, it was wonderful. Thanks Kevin, Lise and colleagues for organizing such a well thought and organized event. It is great to have a group, to keep in touch and to share information”.
  • Many thanks to you all for a wonderful event!!!
  • “Thanks for a wonderful and unforgettable few days in Boston”.
  • “Great to keep in touch after such a wonderful few days”
  • “A great honour to have been a part of the group. ….”

Portugal:  Conferência Internacional, Lisbon, Jan 2016

UnknownThe Fundaçâo Brazelton/GomesPedro presented a conference, Love Synapses: Building Strong Children, Families and Communities, in Lisbon. Speakers included: Ana Teresa Brito, Joao Gomes Pedro, Maria do Céu Machado, Charles Nelson, Kevin Nugent, Emilio Salgueiro, Adriana Sampaio, Danile Sampaio, Jorge Sampaio, Isabel Soares, Joshua Sparrow.

UnknownThe first Swiss NBO training took place at the Bern University of Applied Science in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland, Nov, 19-20th, 2015.  Trainers were Drs. Kari Slinning and Kevin Nugent, while the trainees were made up of nurses, psychiatrists, pediatricians, Physiotherapists, home visitors and infant specialists. The extremely successful training was convened by Professor Eva Cignacco and Natascha Schuetz Haemmerli.


Dr. Susan Nicolson conducted the first NBO training with Aboriginal workers in Northern Victoria, Australia, in June 2015.



The first NBO training to take place in Africa, was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 11-12th, 2015, at the Ububele Parent Infant Programme. (Click here Ubulele NBO Exclusive Invitation). The NBO training team consisted of Drs. Campbell Paul and Susan Nicolson. Ububele is an educational and psychotherapy trust providing training and services to improve the emotional development of children under 7 years. Ububele’s training in mental health focuses on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents, families and other caregivers, so that the NBO will be used in this context. The program is directed by Katherine Frost and Tony Hamburger, who hosted the NBO training. For more information see:

thThe international conference “Mi fido di te – I TRUST YOU! ” – A tribute to T. Berry Brazelton, which was presented by Professor Gherardo Rapisardi, NBAS trainer for Italy, was a spectacular success.  Seven to eight hundred health care and education professionals from all over Italy attended the conference, which took place in Rome on March 13-14th, 2015.

Rome conferenceSpeakers included Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, C. Calzone, S. Facchini, S. Federici, L. Migliaccio, G. Nebbiosi, J. Kevin Nugent, Joshua Sparrow, G. Tamburlini, G. Valeri, F. Banella, Colwyn Trevarthen.  Professor Nugent’s opening talk was entitled, “The Development of the Sense of Trust and the Gift of Hope: the contribution of T. Berry Brazelton”.  This was followed by Dr. Bruschweiler-Stern’s lecture on “Supporting Early Relationships and the Birth of the Family”.  Dr. Luca Migliaccio spoke on co-parenting and the use of video feedback as an intervention, while Dr. Sergio Facchini spoke on the use of video intervention therapy in a primary care setting.

Final Panel: Manuela Orru, Luca Migliaccio, Gherardo Rapisardi, Susanna Federici.

Final Panel: Manuela Orru, Luca Migliaccio, Gherardo Rapisardi, Susanna Federici.

Professor Colwyn Trevarthen opened the second day of the conference with a lecture on “Motivation, Intentionality and Intersubjectivity in  Neonatal and Infant Behavior”, beginning with a discussion of his work with Drs. Brazelton and Bruner at Harvard over 60 years ago.  Dr. Susan Federici discussed motivational systems in childhood and adolescence, while Dr. Joshua Sparrow spoke on “The Touchpoint of Adolescence”.  Dr. Migliaccio also spoke on the Touchpoints approach.  Dr. Giovanni Valeri addressed the issue of continuity and discontinuity in child and adolescent development and Dr. Carlo Calzone spoke on the neurobiology of adolescence.  Dr. Fabia Bannella presented a case study before the final panel of Drs. Manuela Orru, Luca Migliaccio, Susanna Federici and Conference Organizer, Gherardo Rapisardi offered their concluding remarks.


The Møller Centre, Churchill College at the University of Cambridge was the setting for a special meeting of UK NBO trainers which took place on 29th – 31st January, 2015.  Professor Kevin Nugent joined this special Trainer of Trainers Meeting, which was convened by Dr. Joanna Hawthorne (assisted by Betty Hutchon and Maggie Redshaw) and included workshops and discussions on the NBO.  Among the other Trainers and Trainer Associates were: Jeanette Appleton, Megan Eccleson, Melanie Gunning, Inge Nickell, Emily Hills, Deanna Gibbs, Lisa Hodge, Libi Deller, Maureen Lancaster, Guillermina Marquine, Maggie Wood, Alison Pritchard and Christine Bartram.  IMG_3920Each Trainer discussed her experience both as a user and as teacher of the NBO in her own particular setting.  These individual presentations and the discussion that followed offered a picture of a vibrant training program that, according to the data presented, is making a significant difference in the lives of the practitioners and the infants and families whom they serve across England, Scotland and Wales.  Many of the themes which were introduced at the Edinburgh International meeting in June were discussed in an effort to carve a vision for the expansion and refinement of the training process and the facilitation of research using the NBO (and NBAS) in the UK.

The two days were crowned by a formal dinner in honor of Professor Nugent, at Churchill College, where tributes were paid to all the trainers and to Dr. Hawthorne especially, for all she has done to make the UK Training Centre what it is today – the largest in the world.  A Joint meeting with the Brazelton Centre UK & The Cambridge Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience then took place on Saturday Jan 31st at the Seminar Room 5, Clinical School, Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge.  Speakers included: Professor Kevin Nugent, Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston; Professor Jonathan Hill and Dr. Helen Sharp (Universities of   Reading and Liverpool), Dr. Susan Pawlby, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Pauline Lee, Clinical Psychologist, Tameside and Glossop and Drs. Topun Austin, Cristine Costa and Cheun Wai Lee from the Cambridge Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience.  Click here for the full program: Brazelton meeting 31st Jan. 2015.

thThe first NBO Training to take place in Brazil took place at the Department of Pediatrics, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte on March 27-28th, 2015.  The trainers were Drs. Lise Johnson and Beth McManus, while the facilitators were Prof. Claudia Regina Lindgren Alves, MD, PhD and Profa. Titular Lívia C.Magalhães.

Unknown-1Norway: Twenty-five NBO trainees received their certificates from NBO Trainers Drs. Kari Slinning and Nancy Moss at a meeting in Lillehammer in November, 2014.  Trainees were made up of nurses, midwives, psychologists and one physiotherapist, all of whom are working with parents with drug problems or are suffering from mental illness.

New NBO trainees in Lillehammer, Norway.

New NBO trainees in Lillehammer, Norway.

In this innovative  individualized mentorship program, the completion rate was almost 100%.  On-line mentoring was an integral part of the program over the first three months.  Subsequently, each trainees submitted a video of one of their NBO sessions for review, and the Trainers provided both oral and written feedback to each trainee.  The photograph on the left includes most of the successful trainees, with NBO trainers, Nancy Moss and Kari Slinning in the foreground.  Congratulations to all!

On Dec 3rd 2014, another group of NBO trainess received their certificates from trainers, Unni Tranaas Vannebo and Inger Pauline Landsem, in Bode, in northern Norway.   New trainees are made up on midwives, public health nurses and physiotherapists.   Inger Pauline’s work with premature infants was featured in the Norwegian press and on Nov 29th, 2014, her work with the NBO was featured on Norwegian TV.  Congratulations!

UnknownChina: The first NBO and NBAS Training to be presented in China took place in Xi’an Children’s Hospital, Affiliated Medical School at the Xi’an JiaoTong University on November 3-4th.   Drs. Susan Nicolson (Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia) and Kevin Nugent, the Brazelton Institute were the instructors on this auspicious occasion.  Thirty neonatologists, pediatricians, nurses and social workers from all over China participated.  NBAS training was also offered on Nov 5th by Professor Nugent. The training was facilitated by Professor Hui Li, MD., Ph.D., Division of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Xi ‘an JiaoTong University and First Affiliated Hospital, Medical School, Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Conference speakers form left: j. Kevin Nugent, Hui Li, Susan Nicolson, Chuen Wai Lee, Shohei Ohgi.

Conference speakers form left: j. Kevin Nugent, Hui Li, Susan Nicolson, Chuen Wai Lee, Shohei Ohgi.

The NBO training was preceded by an International Conference entitled Neonatal Behavioral Observation system applied in the family and medical rehabilitation, which was held on Sunday November 2nd. in Xi’an. Invited speakers include Chuen Wai Lee (UK), Shohei Ohgi (Japan), Xiulan Bao (China), Susan Nicolson and J . Kevin Nugent.



NBO in Xi'an NICU

NBO in Xi’an NICU

Attendees at the conference included neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses from Xi’an and other medical centers from across the country, including Shannxi Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Beijing and Hong Kong.



Iceland flag

Iceland:  Brazelton Institute faculty members, Drs. Lise Johnson and Yvette Blanchard conducted NBO Training in Iceland on Sept 18-19th., 2014, in Reykjavik.  This is the second NBO training to be held in Iceland and once again the training was facilitated by the dynamic and dedicated Stefanía Birna Arnardóttir.  Last year, it was Drs. Johnson and Hawthorne who made up the faculty and this year Dr. Blanchard joined Dr. Johnson, who reported that the training was very successful.


Jeanette and IngeDenmark: The first NBO training program in Denmark was conducted in Thisted in North Jutland by NBO Trainers Jeanette Appleton and Inge Nickell (UK) (photo on the left) on October 1st-2nd., 2014.  ” The training was most successful…..and was a truly amazing experience….. We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the group“, as reported by Jeanette and Inge.  The sessions were conducted in Danish and Inge translated the NBO materials into Danish. The NBO session was enhanced by the presence of the the mother and her four-week old baby “who smiled through the whole NBO session“.

NBO Denmark groupThe success of the program was due in no small part to Convener Merethe Vinter’s “enthusiasm, knowledge and passion”, according to Jeanette and Inge’s report.  Group photo on the left includes Merethe Vinter, seated second from the left with Jeanette Appleton on her right and Trainer Inge Nickell standing behind on the far left.


Edinburgh June 2014Scotland: Understanding the baby and supporting parents using the NBO and NBAS: International perspectives.  

Drs. Kevin Nugent and Joanna Hawthorne coordinated the International NBO/NBAS Trainers meeting which took place on June 12th, 2014 at the Playfair Library, Edinburgh University and the “Understanding the baby and supporting parents using the NBO and NBAS: International Perspectives”  meeting which took place on the following day at the same venue.  The NBAS and NBO Trainers meeting was attended by researchers and clinicians from around the world.  This was an extraordinarily significant – and memorable – reunion, as the first international meeting of NBAS trainers was organized by Dr. Nugent in Berlin in 1985.  Many of these who attended that meeting were present for this Edinburgh meeting, almost thirty years later.   The focus of the day was on the NBO and NBAS and on their uses in research and clinical practice, while one of the main themes of this year’s meeting was to address the future of NBAS and NBO training and to plan accordingly.  There was unanimous agreement that that these goals were reached and that the lectures were excellent, the NBO and NBAS research poster presentations revealing, the discussions illuminating, and that all of this was enhanced by the ambience of the elegant Playfair Library venue.

 (l to r. at front table) Berry Brazelton, Lise Johnson, Jayne Singer, Karin Stjernqvist, Hanne Munck, Beulah Warren, Ann Stadtler, Una Nugent, Connie Keefer and Claudia Quigg

(l to r. at front table) Berry Brazelton, Lise Johnson, Jayne Singer, Karin Stjernqvist, Hanne Munck, Beulah Warren, Ann Stadtler, Una Nugent, Connie Keefer and Claudia Quigg

To the surprise and delight of all present, Dr. Brazelton – now 96-years-old – attended and was actively engaged in the sessions from beginning to end.  The opening addresses on both days was delivered by Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh.

Click here on Trevarthen WAIMH 2014. to read his brilliant addresses.   Speakers on June 13th also included Kevin Nugent, Joanna Hawthorne (UK), Campbell Paul (Australia), Kari Slinning (Norway), Emese Nagy (Scotland), Heidelise Als (US), Joshua Sparrow (US), Beth McManus (US), Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern (Switzerland), Kristie Brandt (USA) and Topun Austin (UK).  Click here to view the June 13th programme.

The NBO in Research Roundtable lad by Beth McManus

The NBO in Research Roundtable lad by Beth McManus

Dr. Brazelton with Australian NBO trainers Meghan Chapman, Campbell Paul, Beulah Warren and Susan Nicolson

Dr. Brazelton with Australian NBO trainers Meghan Chapman, Campbell Paul, Beulah Warren and Susan Nicolson







The day of the 13th ended with a Forum: Looking toward the Future, moderated by Drs. Nugent and Hawthorne.  The panel included Eileen Hayes (UK), Hui Li (China), Beth McManus (US), Campbell Paul (Aus), Susan Pawlby (UK), Maggie Redshaw (UK), Kari Slinning (Nor), Debbie Weatherston (USA).

The International Trainers meeting on the 12th was addressed by Professor Joao Gomes Pedro, who spoke about the contribution of Berry Brazelton to his own discovery of the field of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. This address was followed by trainers from the different countries discussing the status of NBAS and NBO training in their respective settings.   The day included a series of roundtable discussions on training and research challenges.  In the meantime, delegates reiterated their commitment to continuing to discuss these proposals on line with a view to strengthening the network and ensuring the deepening and expansion of our NBO and NBAS programs and research initiatives. The session ended with an action plan for the future and a decision to meet again in Boston in October 2016.

UK NBAS/NBO group with Dr. Brazelton, Dr. Nugent, Dr Hawthorne and Betty Hutchon

UK NBAS/NBO group with Dr. Brazelton, Dr. Nugent, Dr Hawthorne and Betty Hutchon

The day ended with a musical evening at St. Leonard’s Hall, where traditional Scottish harpers, Patsy Seddon and Mary Mcmaster (Sileas) played the electric harp and gut-string harp and sung in both Gaelic and English.  It was a night of toasts, stories and music.  Inger-Pauline Landsem led off with a spontaneous Norwegian toast, while our colleagues from French-Speaking countries, Marie Grenet, Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, Claire deVriendt-Goldman and Marie-Paule Durieux sang a traditional French children’s song.

Kevin Nugent, Campbell Paul and Beulah Warren

Kevin Nugent, Campbell Paul and Beulah Warren

Our Australian colleague – who has strong Scottish ties – Campbell Paul gave a virtuoso performance on the bagpipes featuring Scotland the Brave and Marie’s Wedding and added a rousing vocal version of Harry Lauder’s classic, “I belong to Glasgow”.   Joao Gomes Pedro shared a philosophical vignette from Portugal and Kevin Nugent sang the traditional Gaelic song, “Bheir me O”, accompanied by Patsy and Mary. UK colleagues, Joanna Hawthorne, Jeanette Appleton, Deanna Gibbs and Kim Benn led a chorus of “Loch Lomond”, while Jeanette also gave a beautiful rendition of a traditional English song Bonny at Morn.  Other contributors included a recitation by Claudia Quigg, while Berry Brazelton himself sang one of his favorites, “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with gusto and flair.  Kevin Nugent offered a final “slainte” and an invitation to all to meet again in Boston in 2105.  The evening ended – fittingly – with a traditional version of “Auld Lang Syne” accompanied by Mary and Patsy on the Scottish harps.  (See photo gallery on the right for more photos)

Unknown-1Norway: Nordic Conference on Perinatal Mental Health held in Oslo

Over 250 people attended the Nordic Conference on Perinatal Mental Health at the Regionsenter for Barn og Unges Psylkske Halse in Oslo on October 21, 2013.  This very successful conference was organized and hosted by Drs. Marit Bergum Hansen and Kari Slinning.   Speakers included Birgitta Wickberg, Uviversity of Goteborg, Sweden; John Cox, University of Keele, UK; Cindy-Lee Dennis, University of Toronto, Canada; Jane Morrell, University of Nottingham, UK;  Pamela Massoudi, Kronbenberg, Sweden; Lynne Murray, University of Reading, UK; Susan Ayers, City University of London. Dr. Kevin Nugent gave the keynote address on “Preventive Intervention in the Newborn Period: using the NBO to reduce postpartum depressive symptomatology”.

NBO Trainers: Inger Pauline Landem, Kari Slinning, Unni Tranvaas Vennebo

NBO Trainers: Inger Pauline Landem, Kari Slinning, Unni Tranvaas Vennebo

On October 23, 2013, Inger Pauline Landem and Unni Transvaas Vannebo were certified as NBO trainers for Norway at Ullevål University Hospital.  They will now join Drs. Slinning and Moss in offering NBO training to practitioners in Norway.  Dr. Nugent also worked with Dr. Kari Slinning in offering an enrichment course on the use of the NBO for 25 NBO Norwegian practitioners at RBUP Ost og Sor. Vurdering av Nyfodte Barns Adferd by T. Berry Brazelton and J. Kevin Nugent, the Norwegian translation of the NBAS, has just been published by Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  This work was completed by Jorunn Tunby, the University of Tromso, who is also NBAS trainer for Norway.  See the Books section for more information.

UnknownVisit of Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development.

A delegation from the Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development visited the Brazelton Institute in September to discuss future research and collaboration and to participate in NBO training.

IMG_2264 2The delegation visited the NICU at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Drs. Zhao, Sun and Li participated in NBO training on Sept 26-27.  Hui Li., MD., Ph.D., Professor, Division of Neonatology,  First Affiliated Hospital, Medical School, Xi’an Jiaotong University had previously taken the NBO training.



images-4Australia – New NBO Australia Training Center opens in Melbourne, June 17-18, 2013.

The new NBO Australia Training Centre for professionals working in Australia and New Zealand has been established in Melbourne, Australia.   This new site is the initiative of Prof Campbell Paul, Consultant Infant Psychiatrist, Integrated Mental Health

Professors Nugent, Judd and Campbell at the opening of the NBO Australia Centre at Royal women's Hospital, Melbourne.

Professors Nugent, Judd and Campbell at the opening of the NBO Australia Centre at Royal women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Service, Royal Children’s Hospital, with the support of Prof Fiona Judd, Professor of Women’s Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and was developed  in collaboration with the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Kevin Nugent.  The new centre is a partnership between the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Royal Children’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne.    The faculty in the new site is composed of  Campbell Paul, Susan Nicholson, Beulah Warren, Naomi Thomas, Megan Chapman and Training Associate Frances Salo.  The site formally opened with the visit of Dr. Nugent, who participated in the initial program.  Thirty-three trainees attended the first

Drs. Nicole Milburn, Susan Nicholson (NBO Trainer) & Ines Rio at the NBO training.

Drs. Nicole Milburn, Susan Nicholson (NBO Trainer) & Ines Rio at the NBO training.

NBO training at the Royal Women’s Hospital on June 24-25th.  Trainees included NICU Nurses, Psychiatrists, Family Physicians, Maternity Nurses, one Physiotherapist, one Music Therapist, neonatologists, psychologists and Infant Mental Fellows.

Dr. Nugent presented Grand Rounds at the Royal Children’s Hospital on Wednesday June 19th on Father Inclusiveness: Working with Fathers and Their Newborn Infants.  He also presented Grand Rounds at the Royal Women’s Hospital on Thursday, 20 May, 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.  The topic was: “Understanding Newborn Behaviour and Early Relationships: the Newborn Behavioural Observation (NBO) System”.  Click here for further information on the Australia NBO Training site. 

33121Published in London November, 2013: The Baby as Subject: Clinical Studies in Infant-Parent Therapy by Campbell Paul and Frances Thomson- Salo, published by Karnac.  This book is a collection of papers by clinicians united in their conviction about the importance of directly engaging and interacting with the baby in the presence of the parents whenever possible. This approach, which draws on the work of Winnicott, Trevarthen and Stern honours the baby as subject. Recent neurobiological, attachment and developmental psychology models inform the work. Clinicians at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne from the disciplines of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychology, nursing, speech pathology, child psychotherapy, paediatrics, and music therapy describe their work with ill and suffering babies and their families.

imagesValuing Baby and Family Passion: Towards a Science of Happiness. Portugal: May 7-8 2013. 

Over 1000 educators and health care professionals from all over Portugal attended the “Valuing Baby and Family Passion” international conference, which was held in the Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.  The event was hosted by Professor Joao Gomes Pedro. 

Drs. Nugent, Brazelton, Gomes-Pedro and Tronick

Drs. Nugent, Brazelton, Gomes-Pedro and Tronick at the Conference

Speakers included:  Joao Gomes-Pedro, Barry Lester, Antonio Santos Silva,  Antonio Sampaio da Novoa,  Edward Tronick, Berry Brazelton,  Joshua Sparrow, Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, Stefan Klein, Teresa Goldschmidt, Marilyn Davillier, Isobel Soares, Luis Sobrinho, Maria Raul Lobo Xavier, Rita Silveira Machado, Emilio Salgueiro, Maria Jose Goncalves, Ana Teresa Brito, Marina Fuertes and Kevin Nugent.  

Dr. Gomes-Pedro paying tribute to Berry Brazelton

Dr. Gomes-Pedro paying tribute to Berry Brazelton

One of the highlights of the conference was Dr. Brazelton’s lecture on the Touchpoints Model.  His passionate call to action on behalf of children and their families was greeted by an enthusiastic standing ovation.  Dr. Gomes Pedro also paid a special tribute to Berry Brazelton on the occasion of his 95th birthday.  Click here to see the full program in an animated format.

images-5UK: NBO Training at Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, LONDON. May 9-10th 2013.

IMG_6554NBO training was conducted by Joanna Hawthorne and Betty Hutchon at the Royal Society of Medicine.   The group gathered for a photo to celebrate Dr. Brazelton’s 95th birthday on May 10th. 2013.

Iceland – NBO Training held in Reykjavik – April 2013.

icelandNBO trainers Lise Johnson MD and Joanna Hawthorne, Ph.D. presented a very successful NBO training to 30 trainees in  Reykjavik on June 4-5th.  Nurses, midwives, doulas, health visitors, social workers, psychotherapists, child protection workers, lactation consultants and psychologists made up the participants.  Stefanía Birna Arnardóttir hosted the training.

Switzerland_flagSwitzerland & US – Tribute to Daniel Stern 

Click here to read the WAIMH Perspectives in Infant Mental Health to read the tributes to the life and work of Daniel Stern. 

Norway – New NBO Training Site established in Oslo, November 2012.

A new NBO training site has been established in Norway at the Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Eastern and Southern Norway (R.Bup) in Oslo.  The new center is under the direction of NBO trainers, Drs. Kari Slinning and Nancy Moss.  Twenty four participants completed NBO training on Nov. 6-7th. and will continue to be supervised by Drs. Slinning and Moss until they have completed the certification process. The new center proposes to offer NBO training at regular intervals.  For further information, please contact NBO Coordinators, Hanne Holme ( and Unni Tranaas Vennebo (

Drs. Brazelton, Moen and Nugent, Boston Children's Hospital.

Drs. Brazelton, Moen and Nugent, Boston Children’s Hospital.

On Feb 25th 2013, Dr. Atle Moen, Director of the NICU, Drammen Hospital, Norway, presented a far-reaching and extremely informative lecture on “Family-Centered Care in the NICU: the Norwegian Model”. Dr. Berry Brazelton was in the audience.

The 25th Norwegian Perinatal Symposia, Oslo. November 7-9, 2012.  

Topics included Preterm birth, Epigenetics, International Health, Early Intervention. Dr. Kevin Nugent spoke on the use of the NBO in early intervention settings.

images-2Ireland –  Infant Development in Neonatal Intensive Care Conference, Dublin, Nov 15th, 2012

The Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital presented a conference organized by Inga Warren, Consultant Occupational Therapist in Neonatology and Early Intervention, the Winnicott Baby Unit, St Mary’s NHS trust, London.  It was held on Thursday 15th November 2012 at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin.  Dr. Kevin Nugent was among the speakers, who included Inga Warren, Peter Hepper, Jay Militen, Joy Browne, Breda Hayes, Marie Slevin, Carol Skene, Rosario Monterossi, Beverly Hicks, Mary O’Connor, Anne Flynn and Mandy Daly.  Dr. Sheridan moderated the sessions.

Mary O'Connor receives plaudits

Mary O’Connor receives plaudits from Dr. Sheridan and the speakers

Mary O’Connor, Clinical Midwife Manager in the Department of Paediatric and Newborn Medicine was recognized for her success in completing NIDCAP training, under the direction of Inga Warren, Director of the UK NIDCAP Center.  

Norway: NBO Training – June 11-12th and June 14-15th, 2012

The National Network for Infant Mental Health and the Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Eastern and Southern Norway (R.BUP Oslo) sponsored Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system training in Oslo from June 11 to June 15th. Over 50 participants from all over Norway (and Sweden and Denmark) – Psychologists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pediatricians, Educators, Social Workers and Psychiatrists – completed NBO training in Oslo on June 11-12 and on June 14-15th.   The program was organized by Dr. Kari Slinning (R.BUP), assisted by Unni Rosenkilde, Program Coordinator.  Dr. Slinning is a Child Psychologist and Researcher at the Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Eastern and Southern Norway (R.BUP Oslo) and has been studying the effects and treatment of postpartum depression in her research.  In her role in the National Network for Infant Mental Health, Dr. Slinning’s plan is to introduce the NBO to hospital and clinic settings across Norway.  This NBO training is the first step.  The NBO faculty included Brazelton Institute faculty, Drs. Krisite Brandt and Kevin Nugent.  The training included lectures and discussion on themes such as “The NBO and Infant Mental Health”, “Relationship-building through the NBO”, “Reading the subtle communication cues of  newborns” and “Learning to administer the NBO step-by-step”.

20-day-old Helge, his mother and Dr. Nugent

20-day-old Helge, his mother and Dr. Nugent

Both sessions included a live demonstration of the NBO.  In this case, it was 20 day-old Helge and his mother who kindly offered to come to the training session so that participants could experience a live demonstration of the NBO with  a newborn infant and his or her parents. During both NBO sessions, Helge demonstrated just how competent Norwegian newborns are – he was robust, well-organized and socially responsive in every area so that he provided a unique opportunity to see how the NBO can draw out the baby’s individuality and uniqueness at this young age.  Helge was the prefect teacher!

Participants comments –

  • “Inspiring!”
  • “Great Presentations”
  • “Fantastic – everything was fantastic!”
  • “Two wonderful days”
  • “I saw the power of the child’s influence on the parents”
  • “I learned to respect parents and babies”
  • “Learning the NBO will make me more sensitive to newborns”
  • “I learned how to show parents what their baby can do”
  • “I liked the emphasis on the child’s strengths”
  • “I learned that I am the parent’s partner not their teacher”
  • “The NBO helps parents see their baby as an individual – to read the baby and to see the baby with “new eyes””.

Participants also appreciated the opportunity to learn how to administer the NBO:

Drammen Hospital nurses learning the NBO

Dr. Moen and his team with Drs. Brandt and Nugent

Dr. Moen and his team with Drs. Brandt and Nugent

Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Atle Moen, the individualised family-centered care in the NICU at the Women and Children’s Clinic, Drammen Hospital is a model of best practice.  We had the opportunity to visit the hospital and spoke with many parents and staff.  Psychologist Nancy Moss, who had been trained in the NBAS by Dr. Nugent in 1980, has played a key role in introducing the principles of relationship-based care to the hospital over the years.  Nurses from the hospital participated in the NBO training and plan to introduce the NBO into their discharge planning and follow-up.  We were deeply impressed by satisfaction expressed by parents in terms of how they are included in decision-making and the degree to which the NICU was indeed a home for both infants and their families.

images-2Ireland: Trinity College celebration for Dr. Nugent and “Your Baby is Speaking to You”


Professor Nugent and Professor Greene

Professor Sheila Greene and the Children’s Research Center, Trinity College, hosted a celebration for Dr. Kevin Nugent’s new book, Your Baby is Speaking to You,at the Senior Common Room at Trinity College, Dublin on July 20, 2011.  The Common Room was the elegant setting for the book signing and was attedend by many of Dr. Nugent’s Irish colleagues family, and friends.


Slovenia: Conference on Newborn Behavior & Early Relationships

Neonatologist Darja Paro Panjan and her colleagues at University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia organized a conference on newborn behavior and early relationships – Novorojenček in družina – pomen razumevanja novorojenčkovega vedenja. The conference took place in Ljubljana on June 21st and 22nd 2010.

CIMG7189Speakers included Darja Paro Panjan, J.Kevin Nugent, Joanna Hawthorne, Jana Kodrič, Albina Gubanc, Martina Lekan, Odmor, Polonca Truden Dobrin, Barbara Mihevc Ponikvar, Zalka Drglin, Vislava Globevnik Velikonja. Dr. J. Kevin Nugent and Dr. Joanna Hawthorne, spoke on early intervention with the NBAS and the NBO. Dr. Panjan and her colleagues are hoping to introduce the NBAS and the NBO into Slovenia.  An article describing Dr. Nugent’s work by Dr. Jana Kodric, Univerzitetni klinični center, Ljubljana, Pediatrična Klinika, appeared in KLIP.

Norway: Strengthening Parenting Competency in Parents of Infants and Toddlers at Risk

Dr. Nugent and Dr. Yvette Blanchard spoke at the University of Tromso Conference in Tromso in October 14-15, 2010 and then presented an NBO training program to participants from Norway and Denmark.  For the full conference proceedings, click on the following: University of Tromso Conference

Australia – Association for Infant Mental Health & the Australasian Marce Society 

Drs. Kevin Nugent, Joanne Robinson, Ben Bradley,  Helen Milroy and Louise Newman were the keynote speakers at the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health Inc., and the Australasian Marce Society Joint Conference, which was held at the University of Melbourne.   The conference, organized by Dr. Campbell Paul, entitled “The Infant, the Family and the Modern World” was attended by clinicians and scholars from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaya and China. Australian Association for Infant Mental Health (pdf)

England – From Londoner’s Diary, Evening Standard, 25 October 2011 12:54 PM 

Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey last night hosted a gathering of literary and political folk who gathered to pay tribute to their friend Josephine Hart, Lady Saatchi, the Mullingar-born novelist, theatre producer and founder of West End Poetry Hour at the British Library, who died earlier this year.

Kevin and David Nugent were among the guests at Westminster Abbey

The Dean of Westminster conducted the service, which included extracts from the T S Eliot poems The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, Portrait of a Lady and The Hollow Men. Lord Saatchi gave a moving eulogy to Josephine, his late wife.   Princess Michael of Kent, Chancellor George Osborne and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber were there to pay their respects.  Dame Eileen Atkins, Bono, Bob Geldof, Kenneth Cranham, Charles Dance, Joanna David, Emilia Fox, Edward Fox, Julian Glover, Jeremy Irons, Felicity Kendal, Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory, Ian McDiarmid, Sir Roger Moore, Dan Stevens, Harriet Walter and Dominic West gave readings, directed by Michael Grandage. The programme included a quote from Hart’s debut novel Damage which has won her a lasting place in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations: “Damaged people are dangerous.They know they can survive.”

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