Ab Initio

Ab Initio International is an on-line publication for professionals working with infants and families, which is published by the Brazelton Institute in the Division of Developmental Medicine at the Children’s Hospital, Boston.  It was first published by Kevin Nugent in 1989 and he has been the editor since then.   The mission of Ab Initio International is to provide scientific and scholarly presentations on cutting edge issues and concepts in the field of parent-infant development.  The audience for this on-line journal is primarily scholars and practitioners from fields such as psychology, pediatrics, parent-infant mental health, neonatology, nursing, sociology, physical and occupational therapy, education, social work, and anthropology.  We present innovative studies that focus on social, cognitive, educational, emotional, biological, and socio-cultural issues of infants and parents, so that research that bridges these areas is especially valued, as well as papers that focus or deal with under-represented groups.

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